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Hello! [10 Jan 2006|09:27pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello! I fell upon this community and I just want to say: I love Exploding Dog too!

Well onto the point. About a month ago the miami art lab was hosting art work from the illusive Sam Brown. I got a chance to go. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera therefore, no pictures. But...

Here's what I gotCollapse )

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[29 Nov 2005|10:50pm]


if you have checked the site lately you may have noticed at the top of the page it says that he'll be in miami for an art show. in conjunction with that event he's going to be interviewed for wps1, the internet based radio station affiliated with the moma (museum of modern art) during art basel (www.artbasel.com) in miami this friday. i get the honor of interviewing mr. sam brown for the broadcast. so i figured what better place to ask for some crazy questions than from his fans that love him. so comment away and let me know what you want to know!

by the way, the broadcast will be live on the internet around 2pm on friday at wvum.org


click hereCollapse )
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a new addiction? [15 Dec 2004|07:03pm]

okay. so i've been a fan of explodingdog.com for YEARS. it was only through a series of rather odd events that i came to be doing my own illustration work (since i'm not an illustrator).

and although this post is not ABOUT explodingdog.com, my work was directly influenced by the work that has been done by Sam Brown for the last few years. i'm hoping that everyone that loves explodingdog.com will find themselves equally in love with Lump.

"At least it still feels like home."

welcome to my world... lumpstuff.com
p.s. take a look around the site. as with explodingdog.com, many of my illustrations are based on words submitted by people like you. the viewers.
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new, nine icons [16 Nov 2004|09:16pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hey y'all. :3 I'm new here, and I just recently discovered Exploding Dog. <3

I made some icons...nine of which are Exploding Dog. :)


Find the rest at my icon journal!

<3 Naelle

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[20 Oct 2004|10:49am]

Completely off topic, but...
My friend is selling some of his latest artwork on ebay.
I think if you like exploding dog, you'd like some of his stuff.
Anyway, give it a look and if you like something bid on it.
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[16 Sep 2004|05:07pm]

off topic but is anyone else here kurt halsey fans?
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[27 Aug 2004|10:11am]

does anyone have an "exploding dog is love." banner???
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Review of Sam's new book, Amazing Rain [27 Jul 2004|11:48pm]

Simply Amazing
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[16 Jul 2004|09:07pm]

[ mood | calm ]

hi. my name is kasia. i think sam brown is awesome. i love his work, if you can't tell by my icon...lol...

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[16 Jul 2004|01:19am]

so i made this liscence plate cover...

you'd have to see it in real life to see how beautiful it really is ;]
but i got it from this picture:

i love explodingdog!
p.s. i'm new to this community. hi!
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[03 Jul 2004|07:07pm]

Hi, I'm no that new to the community but I haven't posted anything before.
I was looking for a picture that I saw a while ago on exploding dog. All I can remember is that a person had a paper bag on their head and it had the words 'loser' written on it in red.
If anyone could help me find it I would greatly appreciate it.
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ATTENTION [14 Jun 2004|12:48am]



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ed icons [31 May 2004|01:19pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Hi guys, If anyone is interested i have some new exploding dog icons under this user name rosie_icons1. I have 10 icons here that you are welcome to pick up, but i would like some sort of comment so i know which ones have been taken.

here is just one example

I hope you like them. Thanx <3 <3 <3

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[27 Apr 2004|05:05pm]
( poster sale bid list )

if you are interested in anything, or wish to be added,
just comment on the item you want, and i'll put you on.

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[21 Mar 2004|12:10am]

[ mood | artistic ]

hey just joined
just wanted to say this is the most creative and imagitive cartoon artiest i've seen in years, ever since simpsons came out.
love his work
very inspirring


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back! [17 Mar 2004|02:17am]

Dont know if youve seen this, I havent seen a post about site coming back up, checked it today though and theres a bunch of updates since the last time i saw it, go check it out!

My fave of the ones i havent seen till nowCollapse )
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How long should it take? [07 Mar 2004|12:51pm]

I ordered two shirts from exdog. Mad cute. I payed via paypal...anybody else order from there before? Cause i am really wondering when I will get my shirts. I want them NOW!


ps - I was very sad when i saw there were problems with the site. I hope it gets fixed soon :(

I got them a few days ago :)
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[07 Mar 2004|01:13am]

what's wrong with explodingdog.com?
i hope sam's okay.
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re-introduction [09 Feb 2004|07:27pm]

hello, im semi new here, i was once a member but i decided to rejoin :)

i've had an on-off love affair with exploding dog since about 2001/2002 or so. it never fails to cheer me up when im feeling down. i am also a growing fan of diesal sweeties too :)

oh oh and my all time favourite is: Cheer Up and Stupid Words :)
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[06 Feb 2004|07:01pm]

dont knwo if this has been posted here before or not.

my boss hates me
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